The Client Acquisition Playbook

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The Step by Step Course to Attract More Clients to Your Law Practice

Welcome to my newest online course!

Are You Overwhelmed Because You:

  • Are busy doing everything else instead of marketing?
  • Spend a lot of time with leads that don’t turn into clients?
  • Aren’t sure if you will make enough money to pay your bills this month?

You are not alone.

This course will take you from inconsistent revenue to a customized plan to attract clients to your practice.

What we’ll be covering in this online course:

✔️ Drill down on who you want to serve.

✔️ Strategize on how to get in front of your ideal clients.

✔️ Create a content strategy customized for your practice.

✔️ Teach you how to book conversations that convert.

All those goals you have in your head and the wishing you do everyday about changing your life can actually come to fruition if you just go speak with Amy!

– Corporate Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

This 4 week course includes:

✔️ Four video recordings that walk you through my marketing process for lawyers

✔️ Workbook to accompany each lesson

✔️ Facebook Group for the duration of the course to ask questions, network, and get support

✔️ Weekly live training with Amy where you can get all of your questions answered

Regular price: $698