Hi, I’m Amy.

I am the owner of Grubb Law*. Although I have nearly a decade of experience practicing corporate law for a global law firm, I am not your typical lawyer. The greatest compliment I ever received in my legal career is a client who told me, “I don’t like talking to lawyers, but I like talking to you”.

I understand what it is like to have too much on your plate and not enough time to do it all. Or want to *gasp* take an actual vacation where you relax and read non-law books. I get it because I was there too.

My goal is to allow you to feel confident sending me your overflow legal work so that you can focus on other files or other aspects of your practice. Let me worry about the fine print and legal complexities in that file that you keep putting to the side of your desk. Getting bogged down in the fine print is not fun for most people. But let me tell you a little secret; I love fine print. It’s a bit of a weird preoccupation of mine. Let me focus on what I do best – drafting your client’s legal documents – so that you can maintain a sense of balance in your practice. And if you do take that elusive vacation, make sure to send me a picture!

My Education

  • JD, University of Windsor (2005)
  • JD, University of Detroit Mercy (2005)
  • BAH, Queen’s University (2001)

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My (Legal) Life

Before attending law school, I had some pretty cool jobs. I was a bartender on a cruise ship that sailed the world, I was a Border Services Officer with Canada Border Services Agency, I even worked at a roller skating rink. However, no matter what job I held, I have always been passionate about helping people.

I worked my way through undergrad and law school and was hired right out of law school at a Bay Street firm. Toronto is a very big city for a small town girl like myself and I decided to move to Ottawa in 2007. I joined the Business Law Group of a global law firm and practiced there for nearly 10 years. I have worked for small local businesses, large publicly traded companies and foreign owned companies with Canadian subsidiaries across a variety of industries including, but not limited to, technology, telecommunications, retail and education.

Throughout my career I have always had an itch to run my own business; I was just too busy to scratch it! I finally decided to listen to my inner voice and started my own legal practice. I specialize in drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements with a particular emphasis on technology related documents, including services agreements, licensing agreements, consulting agreements, privacy policies, terms and conditions, website guidelines and procurement contracts. I am in the unique position of being able to provide strategic legal advice based on my Big Law education and experiences, without the Big Law price tag.

My (Non-Legal) Life

I should have started a carpool app. With three kids, I spend a lot of my free time driving my family members (and their friends) to sporting events, birthday parties and everywhere in between in Ottawa, Ontario. When I am not driving, I enjoy wine, photography, group exercise classes, reality television, candy and spending time with great friends. But not always in that order.

Contact Me

You can contact me here or by email at I would love to hear from you!

* FYI, the proper pronunciation of “Grubb” rhymes with “tube”. Don’t worry, no one ever gets it right the first time…or the second.