Lawyers’ website bios are typically not very entertaining. Actually, when you look at a few of them they start to all look the same.

“Ms. Smith has extensive experience across a range of industries, including technology, finance, mining and pharmaceutical. Jane brings a practical, business solution approach to legal services.” 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not jumping on my couch like Tom Cruise circa 2005 over Jane Smith’s bio. 

When I was in Big Law one of my first assignments as an associate was to write my bio for the firm’s website. What’s the first thing that I did? I looked at the other bios of lawyers at my firm. I looked at the bios of lawyers in the corporate groups at other firms. I used the same style because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. And that is absolutely fine. But, if you want to speak to your ideal client (and get work from more of them), draft your bio in a way that speaks to them. 

And that, my friend, is the biggest secret to writing a killer website bio. Write your bio with your ideal client in mind. Who is the person that you want to attract to your law firm? What do they want to know about you? What do they need to hear in order to decide you are their person and they should contact you? How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? If you keep your ideal client in mind when you write your bio, you will have more potential clients (a) actually read your bio; and (b) contact you because they can relate to you. Your bio will be different from the other lawyers’ bios that they read. 

Here are some tips to write a killer bio with your ideal client in mind:

Write it in first person. Let’s agree to scrap the whole Mr. Mrs. Ms Miss thing. Your clients want to feel a connection with you. That is really hard to do when you are using titles. We aren’t royalty after all. We are regular everyday people, just like your clients. And your clients want to do business with other people. Write it in the first person (i.e. “I am passionate about …”). This helps to build rapport with your audience.

Make it about them. As much as we want to talk all about us, turn the tables and talk about them. Admittedly, this can be a bit of a challenge when we are literally talking about a section of our websites where we are supposed to talk about ourselves! But if you can find ways to weave your ideal client’s pain points and struggles into your bio, they will see themselves in your content. They will see you as someone who understands them and can help them. 

For example, if you are a divorce lawyer and have personally been through a divorce, talk about that, if you are comfortable doing so. “I understand what it is like to go through the divorce process because I have been there myself. In 2015 I found myself somewhere I never thought I would be: getting a divorce from my high school sweetheart. The process was long, confusing, sad and lonely. Not only have I experienced it, but I am proud to help my clients through this process every day.”

Tell a story. Everyone has a story to tell. Even you. And when you tell it, your audience is more likely to relate to you. You don’t need to get super personal (remember tip #2 above!) but share a bit about you beyond where you went to law school and the awards that you won. Why did you go to law school? Why do you do what you do? Then, show how your story relates to your ideal client and the problem that you can help them solve. 

Of course, never make up your story. You might think that you don’t have a great story to tell, but you do. Everyone has a story. It’s all in how you write it. For help finding and writing your story, check out Kindra Halls’ book Stories that Stick.

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